Developing blog post on Android

Wow!! WordPress for android is very very cool. You can blog with your android phone.  It will even allow you to add images. Type in wordpress in the marketplace and you are on your way.

Android Utility

I wanted to share another application that I have discovered in my toolbox of cool applications. This application is a free application that will allow you to Tether your Android phone to your computer for Free!! This application works very well for me using the Droid X and my Laptop. You have to install a small app on your phone and on your Computer. Just type in PDANet in the Android Market Place.

Responses from Synergy

Hello everyone I have had a lot of responses on setting up the synergy. So here is my attempt to explain how to setup and use the application.

The first and obvious thing is to install it, I assume (ass-u-me) you know how to do that. If not leave me a comment below and I can help you. Anyway the first screen that will show up is this:

The main computer that you have the physical keyboard and mouse on you will want to select the Radio button that says: Share this computers Keyboard and Mouse (server).

On the other computers you will select the Radio button: Use another computers shared keyboard and mouse (client). In the – Other computer’s host name: you type the name of the computer that has the physical keyboard and mouse. Where you see my “R2Server”.

Now on the computer that is sharing the keyboard and mouse you will need to click the “Configure” button. Clicking on the button will bring up this screen.

With this screen you will click on the Top + button that will bring up a screen and you will enter all the names of the computers that are going to be connecting and sharing the computer.

Then you will select the drop-down boxes that will configure the screen percentage of controlling the screen settings. Then comes the only really tricky thing that I have found in the entire program: **After you have the boxes set up right you have to click the + sign to add this to the links box.** When you have it all complete push the OK Button.

Some other advantages for the application are that you have a Advanced Button which will allow you to set up a port for your program. You can have the program start when you log in or when your computer starts.

A couple of other tricks I have discovered is that when you have the mouse on a screen/computer that needs to send a  “CTRL / ALT / DEL”  you cant use                  “CTRL / ALT / DEL” however because it will only do that on the computer the keyboard is physically connected to. You can use the “CTRL / ALT / PAUSE-BREAK” key combo to send a “CTRL / ALT / DEL” to the other computers.

Must have utility for all computer geeks!

This utility is one of the best utilities I have ever used and I have found that a lot of people don’t know about it. Well let me tell the world of computer geeks this is a must have utility.

Synergy – the web site is:

This application is one of the greatest apps I have ever used. A virtual keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) without the V for Video in KVM application with a very cool twist! This application is a KM with multiple computers, multiple monitors, single keyboard and single mouse utility. The program is able to be set up on Windows, Linux and Mac. I have used it for about 3 years now and have never had an issues once it is set up.

My opinion is that everyone that has multiple computer and laptops (Like I Do) this is a must have application!! Check it out again at this site:


My futile attempt at a blog!

Hello world, this is my first attempt to blogging. If I am as successful at this as I am developer I will not have any followers. I hope to begin posting code on stuff that I am trying to learn and will do my best on teaching others along the way. I am hoping to discover ways to improve my programming and help others. A little about my self, On July 22, 2005 I was diagnosed with Large Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer. I was re-diagnosed with Burkett’s Type-A Lymphoma on on April 11, 2006. I am very happy to say that on July 26, 2011 I will be a 5 year cancer survivor!! Anyway I am hoping to live long time and along the way continue to learn as much as possible.

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