IOT / M2M Remote Monitor & Control Securely!!

Have you ever wanted to monitor, control and manage some device or hardware remotely & securely. Well I have the solution to all your needs.

CloudGate 4G nanoWiPOM Starter Kit has all of that functionality in one very cool package!! Not only does this unit have Cellular capabilities but it also has Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, and Digital Outputs. With the ability to hook up Analog Inputs to monitor flow, level as well as all kinds of other sensors.

With the Digital Outputs you can connect them to On/Off switches, remote indicator lights, open and close valves all while doing this from the comfort of your current position.

With the Digital Inputs you can hook up the On/Off switches to verify control is successful. Also this can be connected to all kinds of sensors, switches to track and monitor the status of all kinds of devices.

RS232 support for products that are needing to be managed from a serial interface.

RS485 support as MODBUS master or slave with the functionality of daisy chaining device for adding additional hardware.

With the functionality of the CloudGate 4G Cellular Device and the nanoWIPOM control, monitor and manage is almost endless.


CloudGate also has the ability to connect a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will allow for the secure connection of this device. VPN control and monitor of Internet Of Things / Machine 2 Machine is very important to help protect from hacking.

With that addition of the Wi-Fi card daughter board or a 4 port Ethernet switch there is the ability to use this cellular device to connect other devices to the Internet.

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