IOT/M2M Gateway to the Cloud with CloudGate!!

As the growth of Internet Of Things / Machine To Machine continues to explode in popularity, hardware for the communications and control of devices are going to be hugely important.

OPTION WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY has developed an amazing product named the CloudGate. The CloudGate is a Cellular device that is approved by the carriers that provides a IOT/M2M solution platform that has built in security and powerful processing power.

The CloudGate’s router software is based on OpenWRT, and has an software development kit to allow for the development of the CloudGate to be custom made to your requirements.

The CloudGate hardware has an amazing selection of modular hardware extensions with already developed software library of solutions to control the array of additional expansion modules.

The CloudGate hardware shown below demonstrates the module hardware and additional sockets on the front and back of the device to add the additional modules.  


CloudGate modules expansion cards consist of the following with more being developed every day.

WLAN expansion card


  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Simultaneous access point and client mode
  • Failover to Wireless LAN client for WAN connectivity
  • Dual SSID

Low cost serial card


  • 1 serial port RS-232 921,6Kbaud maximum speed

Industrial serial card


  • One RS-232 serial port. 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed
  • One 2KV isolated RS-485 serial port. 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed, Full duplex or half duplex, 2 wire or 4 wire. Switchable termination.

Ethernet switch


  • 4 port 10/100 Base-T, μSD card or
  • 4 port 10/100 Base-T, μSD card with 2 ports Class 4 PoE or 4 ports up to Class 3 Power Over Ethernet (POE) to allow you to power external devices. (requires special power supply)

Telematics card


  • Adds flexible I/O and connectivity for industrial telematics applications to CloudGate
  • Built in 3 axis accelerometer for movement detection and other applications
  • Dual SIM card reader for backup or roaming SIM
  • Built in microcontroller offloads all I/O from CloudGate


CloudGate has a on-device web interface to allow to control and manage this device. The on-device web interface will display tabs depending on the expansion cards installed with default tabs: Home, Ethernet, 3G Connection, Firewall, Connection Persistence, Provisioning, and System.

With the CloudGate device the ability to connect the CloudGate to other devices are almost limitless. The connections have the following opportunities listed below:

Wi-Fi – This connection could be a 802.11 a/b/g/n with simultaneous access point mode.

Ethernet – CloudGate has a built in Ethernet Port with the addition of 4 port switches for additional Ethernet connections.

Serial Connections – CloudGate has a multiple expansion boards that has both RS232 and RS485 connections.

USB Connections – Using the CloudGate Telematics Card the ability for USB Connections.

Digital / Analog IO – Digital IO and Analog IO for connections and control of an enormous amount of other devices. Analog IO will allow for connecting Sensors, Analyzers, and Motors. Digital IO will allow for On/Off, Open/Close, or controlling real world devices.

CloudGate is the IOT / M2M Gateway to the real world with the ability for multiple products and solutions with a multitude of connections with fast, secure solutions.

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