Free 3-device Cloud VPN you must try!

The cloud services are growing by the day these days and most of them are making life as we know it easier with major advantages.

Pertino is really cool and will give you the ability to have a free, yes I said Free 3-device Cloud Based VPN for your Small Business or Home Office.

From here you can fill out the form below and receive a free 3-device Cloud VPN!!image

This product allows for the install of almost any Operating System you can think of shown below:image

Once you have downloaded and installed the software required for your operating system you can then Login and you will be taken to a very interesting Dashboard.image

This Dashboard will show you the Members Online, Devices Online and finally the Total Devices you have connected. At the bottom of the Dashboard is a PeopleView, DeviceView, AppScape, MyApps and Settings buttons shown in the above photo.

Once you have your 3-devices connected you have the ability to use the Devices Online to see the devices that are online and able to be accessed via a Cloud VPN. Here is an example of my Devices with a redaction of information that is private.image

With the Hostname that is shown on your DeviceView you can copy and paste that in to a Remote Desktop connection application and instantly connect to your device even when you are not connected to the Local Area Network.

Pertino seems to be very powerful easy to use and again Free for 3-devices!!

Check this out and sign up for your free Cloud VPN!! You can’t go wrong with free!!

Thank you and please follow my blog!!

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