NetTryx’s New Command Center

I have been reading a wonderful book that has got me a new inspiration on developing, improving and sharpening my skill set. This book (Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual) is a product of Simple Programmer, and author John Z. Sonmez. I have watched and followed his work on Pluralsight as well have followed his blog and email messages. I have started to setup and develop my NetTryx Command Center for creating a solid work environment to continue my consulting work and also improve my skill set. I have not yet completed the book however have begun to start putting some of the inspiration to work for me as I go along. This book as of chapter 12 has already jumped to the top of my “Great books of all times” list.

One of the first steps John suggest in this book is to create a blog. Well I have had a blog for a while however I have not been what you call an avid blogger at times. I have now started to clean up and reface my blog. I have took Scott Hanselman’s advice on his blog page on using Live Writer to begin to start publishing more frequently. Again thanks John Z. Sonmez and Scott Hanselman!!!

I have created and setup a Man Cave or NetTryx Command Center to begin to help improve my blogging, skillset as well as working on my new found love of the M2M/IOT toys and hobbyist equipment I have been collecting. I am working on developing some blogs on some of the fun stuff I am doing and will post them when that work is done. So back to the Man Cave / NetTryx Command Center I have servers, Windows, Linux and of course Mac OS X. I have setup two Raspberry Pi’s and will finish my Beagle Bone Black very soon. Here is a sample of what it looks like so far!!


So in summary, I want to thank John Z. Sonmez for the all inspiring book “Soft Skills” and Scott Hanselman for the amazing blog he is always willing to share to make all of us try to gain half the knowledge he has!! Do your self a favor if you are a software developer and follow Scott Hanselman’s blog and buy an amazing book to improve you as well as your “Soft Skills”!!

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