Has Life, Cancer or IT ruined my Jack-of-all Trades ability?

Has Life, Cancer and the Speed of Information Technology destroyed my ability to be a Jack-of-all Trades Master of None?

With the speed of Information Technology (IT) and the diversity of all technologies intertwined with life the ability of being the Jack-of-all-Trades Master of None for me is ending at an enormous rate.

For over 15 years I have had the ability to constantly learn the bleeding edge of technology and be able to truly be a version of a real life Jack-of-all-Trades. However with the speed of change in IT I am beginning to think that this type of ability is increasingly becoming impossible to do. I spend an enormous amount of time in the world of technology because I have no children and my girlfriend understands that I genuinely love to learn and am very flexible to this process.

10 years ago this July I was first diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer and after doing chemotherapy I was only surprised to have the news in April of the next year that the cancer was back or I have a new cancer. With the process of life getting in the way from trying to survive medical issues I still had the ability to spend waking hours trying to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, keeping my Jack-of-all-Trades Master of None alive. I have somehow been able to find my calling in life and really truly enjoy and love my profession. I have had the capability to travel the world and see some amazing places, met astounding people and have had the opportunity to develop products for many diverse industries. With the scenario of “real life” hitting me to the tune of fighting cancer and developing an attitude of survival I still had the ability to continue to improve or keep on my life’s path of Jack-of-all-Trades.

However with the process of now getting back into shape from years of medical issues I now find it extremely difficult to remain successful as a Jack-of-all-Trades Master of None. I believe that Life has not completely got in the way because I do spend a great amount of time still learning, trying new development and experimenting on multiple Information Technologies avenues. But with the diversity and shear mass of change influx in the world of Technology the process is becoming almost impossible to claim I am a Jack-of-all Trades Master of None.

Does everyone else feel that the Jack-of-all Trades Master of None can still survive?

Are Life, Survival and the process of returning to an athletic healthy lifestyle really getting in my way?

Thank you Lance Armstrong for Cancer Awareness!!

Thank you Lance Armstrong for Cancer Awareness!!

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