Meteor is an open-source full web platform.

Meteor is a really cool web platform that has an amazing functionality built in to allow for the full development of an entire web application all in one framework.

The amazing part of this application web framework is that it is all Pure JavaScript. You will use JavaScript on the Client Side as well as JavaScript on the Server Side. The server side software runs in a Node.js container within a single thread per request. This is not the norm with Node.js usually because most Node.js server applications are most of the time a asynchronous process.

Meteor uses a HTML Template engine called Spacebars, which is very similar to the well know Handlebars. The Spacebars engine is a main part of the Meteor application that will allow you to have instant updates with amazingly fast updates. This instant updates is very similar to using SignalR. This engine has the ability to develop looping constructs that will allow for querying database data.

Meteor has an application programmer interface that will allow you to develop and use database in both the Client Side as well as the Server Side. The main thing is that you use the same type of programming or code to utilize data from the database.

Meteor has a process of updating the User Interface with temporary update that is expected however if the results are different the application will fix the actual results to the User Interface.

Updates are simplified when the application will be updated and the database data will be stored and kept while updating the version of database and application. This can be done on a live site.

There is a folder structure that can be followed that will be used to control viewing of code and programs as well as a restricted application space that will be used to help control private code and development.

Meteor is very simply zipped up to an all in one application that can be transferred to many web hosting companies on the web.

Meteor utilizes a DDP protocol that uses Data exchanges within the application with a Restful process that will allow you to transfer data to listening endpoints.

Meteor has its own package management that is used to develop and reuse already created functions and software that has already been written.

Check out this fully functional web platform that allows for development of complete application using JavaScript while giving you a upgrade path as well as database functionality on both client and server.

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