M2M Developer’s Workshop

I went to a M2M Developer’s Workshop held by Verizon Wireless on Wednesday.

This workshop the was very informative on the requirements and steps you need to develop a M2M product using Verizon’s Cellular network.

Verizon has some really interesting sites and information that will help companies and individuals develop and create product lines for the M2M/IOT Revolution.

An interesting sites that Verizon has for the M2M products are this one:


This has a site has a good video that has a ton of information about Machine 2 Machine:

M2M Management Video

Verizon also has a very informative developers site:


As well as a community site that has an enormous amount of help and information on API’s and Tools that are available for the public.

I think that one of the most interesting and really cool sites they have is these two sites:




Verizon is dedicated to the M2M/IOT Revolution and is willing and able to help improve your product development as well as get that product online!!

Check out the above sites and if you have a product in mind contact your local Verizon Representative as early as possible to see how they can help!!

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