True American “Hero’s”

America lets stop looking for our next sports “Hero” and instead realize that the Hero we seek is on our front line every day! Our Citizens and Military Personnel fighting for the freedom that gives me the right to develop this document.

After the issues of the past few weeks with the NFL and past incidents with sports stars showing us that they may not fit our “Hero Status”. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect either. However I feel that we need to begin to set our standards for “Hero Status” to a new level. We have Military Men and Women risking their lives every minute for us to live the amazing life we have and enjoy. They are on the frontlines not asking, “Who the Hero is I am risking my life for”!! In their heart they know they are risking their lives for their loved ones and you and I.

My father was taken from this Earth at an early age from complications of Medical that is by no doubt from his military service. I have no regrets from this at all because he is and will always be the “Hero Status” in my heart. I know many great men and women that are continuing to serve in this Great Nation to fight for our Freedom. To them I say “Thank You” and they are and should be our new “Hero Status” we should all set our standard to.

Every one that knows me will know that I use my freedom daily, as I am “somewhat opinionated”. So for me I will begin to have a new standard for “Hero Status”. That new standard will be the Great Men and Women that allow me to have the Freedom to be “somewhat opinionated”.

To our entire new hero standard Men and Women that are risking their lives for America I again say, “Thank you for being our true Hero”.

I hope some day all your dreams come true.

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