Internet of Things / Machine 2 Machine Revolution

The Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine 2 Machine (M2M) communication is coming fast upon us and is creating a connected world with Services that will bring communication and automation to devices surrounding our every day lives. Development of Mongo DB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js are causing a development that can be replicated on Operating System Independent devices, with a very small footprint. JavaScript is coming on full speed in the world of development as a First Class Citizen that will allow for the ability to pass a function as a variable that will be executed later. Developers have been reluctant to embrace JavaScript because of the issues it has been blamed for in the Browser Wars. However with Node.js running on the Google V8 engine the JavaScript is a known, reproducible development platform that is very stable as well as fast. Many large corporations are making great strides to develop and/or embrace the IOT/M2M technology.

The connection of devices in our homes, vehicles and even on ourselves are beginning to evolve at an enormous rate. Development of devices like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and embedded devices are allowing people to develop and invent new products every day. The world as we know it will be very interesting in the next century when we all become connected to the Internet of Things.

With the push of IOT and M2M new technologies and emerging development are showing up at an alarming rate. This is not a complete list of the technologies by far but some I have been investigating to discover solutions to development I have been working on.

Some prominent and evolving technologies that are helping to drive the IOT/M2M revolution:

  • Katana – (OWIN implementation based on Microsoft Technology) -
  • AngularJS – Open Source web application maintained by Google
  • NodeJS – Open Source web application built on Google Chromes V8 JavaScript Engine
  • Wind River Linux – Open Source Linux OS wholly owned by Intel.

With the onset of the Internet of Things and the Machine 2 Machine push the development and capability of the Wireless Spectrum will need to have a huge impact on the speed and success of this technology. There are articles that are being produced that are showing the push of the Wireless Spectrum. Such as the following I have read lately: 

This is of course a technology in its infancy that will be very interesting in the future revolution of our Connected World. This is a very exciting time to be in technology with the dramatic changes that are happening!!

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