Responses from Synergy

Hello everyone I have had a lot of responses on setting up the synergy. So here is my attempt to explain how to setup and use the application.

The first and obvious thing is to install it, I assume (ass-u-me) you know how to do that. If not leave me a comment below and I can help you. Anyway the first screen that will show up is this:

The main computer that you have the physical keyboard and mouse on you will want to select the Radio button that says: Share this computers Keyboard and Mouse (server).

On the other computers you will select the Radio button: Use another computers shared keyboard and mouse (client). In the – Other computer’s host name: you type the name of the computer that has the physical keyboard and mouse. Where you see my “R2Server”.

Now on the computer that is sharing the keyboard and mouse you will need to click the “Configure” button. Clicking on the button will bring up this screen.

With this screen you will click on the Top + button that will bring up a screen and you will enter all the names of the computers that are going to be connecting and sharing the computer.

Then you will select the drop-down boxes that will configure the screen percentage of controlling the screen settings. Then comes the only really tricky thing that I have found in the entire program: **After you have the boxes set up right you have to click the + sign to add this to the links box.** When you have it all complete push the OK Button.

Some other advantages for the application are that you have a Advanced Button which will allow you to set up a port for your program. You can have the program start when you log in or when your computer starts.

A couple of other tricks I have discovered is that when you have the mouse on a screen/computer that needs to send a  “CTRL / ALT / DEL”  you cant use                  “CTRL / ALT / DEL” however because it will only do that on the computer the keyboard is physically connected to. You can use the “CTRL / ALT / PAUSE-BREAK” key combo to send a “CTRL / ALT / DEL” to the other computers.

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