My futile attempt at a blog!

Hello world, this is my first attempt to blogging. If I am as successful at this as I am developer I will not have any followers. I hope to begin posting code on stuff that I am trying to learn and will do my best on teaching others along the way. I am hoping to discover ways to improve my programming and help others. A little about my self, On July 22, 2005 I was diagnosed with Large Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer. I was re-diagnosed with Burkett’s Type-A Lymphoma on on April 11, 2006. I am very happy to say that on July 26, 2011 I will be a 5 year cancer survivor!! Anyway I am hoping to live long time and along the way continue to learn as much as possible.

2 Comments on “My futile attempt at a blog!

  1. Great to know you Allan for you are an inspiration and I’m looking to learn what you have to teach!

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