Let’s kick off 2016 with a Wrap Party!!

Join us next Tuesday January 12th for an IT Works Wrap Party. This event is free by invite, however if you would like to participate in the “Crazy Wrap Thing” there will be a fee of $25.00 for the cost of the wrap.

Contact me with the information below to receive a Invite.


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  See details below for time and place of Party!


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Expect “ultimate” results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

Tightens, tones, & firms
Minimizes cellulite appearance
Improves skin texture & tightness
Mess-free and simple to use
Results in as little as 45 minutes
Progressive results over 72 hours
Made with natural ingredients

Includes 4 Applicators.

Directions: Apply one Applicator to one area of your choice (such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks) and leave on for 45 minutes. Remove and discard. Repeat after 72 hours.



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“Amazing, Healthy & Happy 2016 Year!!!”

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The way to a healthy lifestyle is based on proper nutrition!

Is nutrition or training more important?

This is the age old question that has been debated as much as “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” This question has been refuted by some that will say “with heavy lifting and hard work one can overcome poor nutrition and still build muscles”. However, what no one can refute is that to lose weight and get healthy you must be mindful of your nutrition choices! Now there are some experts that say that 90% of healthy living is nutrition. Who is right – well maybe both. The basics of building muscle is based off of tearing and repairing and that is where the statement “No Pain No Gain” originated from. If you are looking to lose weight and loose body fat, no one will refute that you must make suitable NUTRITIONAL CHOICES!

Weight Loss is nothing more than a “Caloric Deficit”!! Meaning you must burn more calories than you ingest in a 24 hour period. Many people perform cardio to burn the calories they eat or at least help improve their numbers to reach a caloric deficit. However burning calories takes a lot of running, lots of burpees or basically any type of cardio and can be a very slow method to change your body structure. Nevertheless, caloric intake can be radically improved by building lean muscle. Lean muscle will help improve calorie burning even in a resting state, with this being said getting to lean muscle that will give you a six pack you must lean down with proper nutrition.

In today’s society with careers, family, and just day to day living it makes it very difficult to be aware of proper nutrition. Protein is a very important part of building Lean muscle, and with the busy lives we lead these days it is very hard to always consume the amount of protein that you may need to feed those sore torn muscles after lifting very hard. One of the items available from IT Works Global is Ultimate ProFIT Superfood Nutrition Mix which is not just a protein, it’s a superfood nutrition product that helps improve your health and waistline. I REALLY like the fact that this product is not a “Meal Replacement” it is an aide to supplement your nutrition consumption. A few of the benefits of this product is its ability to help with weight loss, post work-out recovery and is formulated to ensure your body will receive the maximum benefits from each gram of protein.

clip_image002To View Product Information click on the photo above:

Try it in rich chocolate or creamy vanilla today, and start seeing results like these:

  • Experience quicker post-workout recovery
  • Build lean muscle mass with fewer calories
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Get feel-good, mood-elevating energy with maca and cacao powder
  • Promote healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers

Ultimate ProFIT is powered by:

  • Sustain-It™, a smarter protein blend for maximum bioavailability in every gram
  • FITzyme™, a cutting-edge blend of enzymes, helps maximize your body’s ability to absorb Sustain-It™.
  • FITboost™, an antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “superfoods” for immune system health.*
  • Non-hormonal whey and soy proteins
  • Natural, whole-food ingredients with only 100 calories per serving!


“Amazing, Healthy & Happy 2016 Year!!!”

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Just In Breaking News!!!

IT Works! System




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You know the power each of our amazing It Works! products has, but using them together in a developed system delivers even better results! That’s the power of It Works! product synergy, and it’s what drives our It Works! System! It’s three of our best products working together, inside and out, to help you look better and live healthier!



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Contact me for ordering your product!


“Amazing, Healthy & Happy 2016 Year!!!”

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Day 2 – Inspiration, Dedication & Motivation

Where do I find the inspiration?

This is one of the most difficult obstacles that one may encounter once they have made the decision to begin to live a Healthier Lifestyle. Finding the inspiration, dedication & motivation to just start a lifestyle change and to stick with that lifestyle change is the biggest hurdle in my opinion. My wonderful girlfriend of 21 years, Anita Sailer, is now “my reason”!! When we first met I was in really good shape as we started our 21 year journey together. I was lifting at least 5 days a week along with running and doing some other forms of cardio. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona for me to go to college at DeVry University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Technical Management. I was staying fit until I was diagnosed with cancer (see previous blog post here). Obviously, beating cancer has been my priority for the last few years and needless to say that fitness has not been on the radar. With the medical challenges that I have faced and still face, Anita and I have decided that it is time again to make health and fitness a relevant part of our life. People go through life taking health for granted until it is gone and then they miss it.

Within the last 5 years, Anita has become the one that has found her dedication to health and fitness and I find that I am now in catch up mode. She is now helping me to re-discover my inner desire to get back into shape. With the medical history and problems we have encountered, we have learned to be able to help each other develop our inner strengths to push forward and meet our goals!!

Where do you find the strength, motivation or inspiration? You either have to find it within yourself or decide what is most important in your life that makes you want to take the steps forward to CHANGE. Look internally, look at your children or look at that wonderful person you call your life time mate, look to what life has to offer you and the path God has set out for you in your life on Earth!! But find it somewhere because you will not succeed if you don’t have the inspiration, dedication & motivation!!! It is not going to be easy, it may hurt, you will have setbacks and feel like you want to give up. Dig deep, find “your reason” and keep pushing forward.

Could it be as simple as a visual difference???

Perhaps it may just be as simple as trying The Ultimate Body Applicator product from IT Works Global for you to find your motivation for CHANGE. This product is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients

clip_image002To View Product Information click on the photo above:

Please continue to follow my Blog as I will be posting my results once I complete the Ultimate Body Applicator.

In the meantime here are a few examples of this “Crazy Wrap Thing!” and the great results that people are noticing.


clip_image005 To View Product Information click on the photo above:  


“Amazing, Healthy & Happy 2016 Year!!!”

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2016 Cancer Cure & My New Healthy Lifestyle

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Cancer and my medical treatment prescribed was chemo therapy. On April 11th, 2006 my cancer returned and it was discovered that the type of cancer that I was diagnosed with was Burkett’s Type A Lymphoma. So essentially I was misdiagnosed in 2005 with the wrong form of cancer. I was told I would have to do several chemo therapies, radiation and an Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant. With the Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant, I was fortunate to be able to use my own stem cells which helped in my recovery. This has so far “knock on wood”, allowed my body the ability to become cancer free. But the bone marrow transplant has not allowed my immune system to return to normal. During this time I was diagnosed in 2007 with “Valley fever” while living in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2009 I had my appendix removed however it had exploded before they removed it and 5 days later I had another surgery to remove several feet of bowel. This has left my stomach a mess with scars and several belly buttons (quite the sight for sore eyes).

I am now posting this because I want everyone to understand that I have been BLESSED to survive all of this and be able to talk to you about this!! With this amazing 2016 year I will be BLESSED again with a 10 year CANCER CURE!!! I am making a huge effort to get into amazing shape and ultimately begin living a Healthy Lifestyle!! I will be working on several things to improve my lifestyle, I have first joined the It Works Global Family. I am simply amazed by their plant-based products!!

I have joined IT Works Global as an Independent Distributor which will grant me the ability to “become a product of the product” and DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE MY HEALTH!

A couple of the IT Works Global plant-based products that I plan to use are:

GREENS™ CHEW: an amazing Antioxidant and Prebiotic Support

clip_image001To View Product Information click on the photo above:

GREENS ON THE GO™ – BERRY: Just mix, shake, and take your Greens on the Go!


clip_image003To View Product Information click on the photo above:

  My goal in 2016 is to take charge and commit to changing my health and wellbeing! Speaking from experience I have used every excuse under the sun for not getting back to the healthy lifestyle that I led before my cancer diagnosis. Like a lot of you, life is rushing by me at warp speed. I have ordered products from IT Works Global and will be very honest that the product will not be the only form of change that I will be making in 2016!! I understand that there will be a level of commitment that I will need to follow which will include an exercise routine, IT Works Global plant-based supplements as well as a nutrition plan!

As a true NERD, my career position is basically sedentary and only strengthens my fingers and maybe my brain (I hope). I will be including IT Works Global products as part of my regimen and determine those that will be most beneficial to aide me in reaching my goals. My hope is that all of you reading this will be inspired to start your own adventure or journey to being more active and working on a healthy lifestyle and “Get To Living Life”!!!

My passion is that all you readers will frequently visit this blog and allow me to be the inspiration you may need to commence your own adventure to a healthier you.

To start, there will be an IT Works Global Facebook event on Monday January 4th @ 6:30 PM CST led by my team leader Jodi McLaughlin. This event will provide information concerning IT Works Global and the health benefits that the plant-based products may provide to you. If you would like to join this event please contact me for an invite.

“Amazing, Healthy & Happy 2016 Year!!!”


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Unboxing the adafruit Windows 10 IoT pack!!!

With the version of Internet Protocol v4 in North America being depleted as shown here by the American Registry for Internet Numbers, the promise of 10-gigabit Wi-Fi and the onset of 5G cellular the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be a reality very soon (maybe now)!!!! Forbes Tech has published some Market Estimates and Forecasts with numbers as high as $19 trillion dollars (yes everyone that is a T).
Is Internet of Things a reality? Well Microsoft has developed a Windows 10 IoT Core Operating System, they have created a Azure IoT Suite and has an entire section in the development center now for Windows IoT. Don’t just take Microsoft’s word for the success of IoT, what about Amazon developing an entire IoT Cloud service, Apple has the HomeKit section for their IoT, Intel has an entire web section, IBM and the list keeps growing as you are reading this post!!

I have been working with components, sensors, and hardware devices for years before the infamous IoT space started gaining tremendous speed. With the Cloud Space, the improvements of electronics and sensors and the connectivity of Internet the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine 2 Machine (M2M) space will be a enormously bright future for the younger generation. This is the time to learn!!!
I have purchased the Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 from adafruit to continue to try to learn and improve my skillset and just to basically have FUN!! Nerds Rule these days and I am for sure a NERD!!! This kit that is sold by adafruit is very amazing for the price so lets begin to see the potential and complete fun of working with Hardware, Sensors and developing with all types of components that are found on the adafruit site.
So now that I have opened with the explanation to the Internet of Things lets get on to the unpacking of this amazing “Starter Pack for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2”. This will be the start of many blog posts and videos to come on setting up, installing, creating and using this starter pack to develop some fun NERDY Things! I hope to develop this as simple beginner post and increasing in difficulty as we move along. I hope this will allow for everyone from children to adults to follow along with these blog posts.

So once you open the box it will be obvious as with everything I have purchased from adafruit the great product quality. The package is shown below:


The blue card on the top has a list of parts provided in the kit which is shown below:


The kit has 3 major areas which are: Essentials, Sensors and Components.

The Essential contained in this kit is a tremondous amount of fun and goodness shown below:


From the top to bottom and  left to right the devices are as follows:

  1. Adafruit Raspberry Pi2 Case
  2. USB WiFi Adapter
  3. 8GB SD Card with Windows 10 IoT Core
  4. Ethernet Cable
  5. Raspberry Pi 2 Board (This is optional depending on the case you buy)
  6. Full Size Breadboard
  7. 5V 2A Power Supply with MicroUSB cable.

The Sensors and Components are in several bags in the kit. Be careful when opening the bag since there are components that are very small and could be lost very easy. The photo shown below shows the small parts in the bags:


Overall this Kit is a complete bundle of goodness that is going to be very fun to develop and produce several tutorials!! In the next blog post I will begin to construct the Essential parts of this kit. So everyone that wants to follow along on the tutorials I plan to develop with this kit and many more you should order up the package on adafruit with the link below so you can follow along.

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 – w/ Raspberry Pi 2

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OpenID Connect Certification for IdentityServer3

IdentityServer Is simply Amazing!!! I have used thinktecture in another job before. I was amazed by this. Check it out at http://thinktecture.com/


I am extremely happy to announce that IdentityServer3 is now officially certified by the OpenID Foundation.



Version 1.6 and onwards is now fully compatible with the basic, implicit, hybrid and configuration profile of OpenID Connect.

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IOT / M2M Remote Monitor & Control Securely!!

Have you ever wanted to monitor, control and manage some device or hardware remotely & securely. Well I have the solution to all your needs.

CloudGate 4G nanoWiPOM Starter Kit has all of that functionality in one very cool package!! Not only does this unit have Cellular capabilities but it also has Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, and Digital Outputs. With the ability to hook up Analog Inputs to monitor flow, level as well as all kinds of other sensors.

With the Digital Outputs you can connect them to On/Off switches, remote indicator lights, open and close valves all while doing this from the comfort of your current position.

With the Digital Inputs you can hook up the On/Off switches to verify control is successful. Also this can be connected to all kinds of sensors, switches to track and monitor the status of all kinds of devices.

RS232 support for products that are needing to be managed from a serial interface.

RS485 support as MODBUS master or slave with the functionality of daisy chaining device for adding additional hardware.

With the functionality of the CloudGate 4G Cellular Device and the nanoWIPOM control, monitor and manage is almost endless.


CloudGate also has the ability to connect a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will allow for the secure connection of this device. VPN control and monitor of Internet Of Things / Machine 2 Machine is very important to help protect from hacking.

With that addition of the Wi-Fi card daughter board or a 4 port Ethernet switch there is the ability to use this cellular device to connect other devices to the Internet.

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IOT/M2M Gateway to the Cloud with CloudGate!!

As the growth of Internet Of Things / Machine To Machine continues to explode in popularity, hardware for the communications and control of devices are going to be hugely important.

OPTION WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY has developed an amazing product named the CloudGate. The CloudGate is a Cellular device that is approved by the carriers that provides a IOT/M2M solution platform that has built in security and powerful processing power.

The CloudGate’s router software is based on OpenWRT, and has an software development kit to allow for the development of the CloudGate to be custom made to your requirements.

The CloudGate hardware has an amazing selection of modular hardware extensions with already developed software library of solutions to control the array of additional expansion modules.

The CloudGate hardware shown below demonstrates the module hardware and additional sockets on the front and back of the device to add the additional modules.  


CloudGate modules expansion cards consist of the following with more being developed every day.

WLAN expansion card


  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Simultaneous access point and client mode
  • Failover to Wireless LAN client for WAN connectivity
  • Dual SSID

Low cost serial card


  • 1 serial port RS-232 921,6Kbaud maximum speed

Industrial serial card


  • One RS-232 serial port. 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed
  • One 2KV isolated RS-485 serial port. 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed, Full duplex or half duplex, 2 wire or 4 wire. Switchable termination.

Ethernet switch


  • 4 port 10/100 Base-T, μSD card or
  • 4 port 10/100 Base-T, μSD card with 2 ports Class 4 PoE or 4 ports up to Class 3 Power Over Ethernet (POE) to allow you to power external devices. (requires special power supply)

Telematics card


  • Adds flexible I/O and connectivity for industrial telematics applications to CloudGate
  • Built in 3 axis accelerometer for movement detection and other applications
  • Dual SIM card reader for backup or roaming SIM
  • Built in microcontroller offloads all I/O from CloudGate


CloudGate has a on-device web interface to allow to control and manage this device. The on-device web interface will display tabs depending on the expansion cards installed with default tabs: Home, Ethernet, 3G Connection, Firewall, Connection Persistence, Provisioning, and System.

With the CloudGate device the ability to connect the CloudGate to other devices are almost limitless. The connections have the following opportunities listed below:

Wi-Fi – This connection could be a 802.11 a/b/g/n with simultaneous access point mode.

Ethernet – CloudGate has a built in Ethernet Port with the addition of 4 port switches for additional Ethernet connections.

Serial Connections – CloudGate has a multiple expansion boards that has both RS232 and RS485 connections.

USB Connections – Using the CloudGate Telematics Card the ability for USB Connections.

Digital / Analog IO – Digital IO and Analog IO for connections and control of an enormous amount of other devices. Analog IO will allow for connecting Sensors, Analyzers, and Motors. Digital IO will allow for On/Off, Open/Close, or controlling real world devices.

CloudGate is the IOT / M2M Gateway to the real world with the ability for multiple products and solutions with a multitude of connections with fast, secure solutions.

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    Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT

    HTML , CSS & JavaScript is quickly becoming known as the go to way to create and develop an all encompassing Website, but what about using them for Desktop Apps?

    Imagine developing an Application that is cross platform for all Operating Systems.

    Now imagine developing an HTML, CSS & JavaScript application if you are a web developer and than wanting to use it as a local desktop application.

    Well that is a reality and can be accomplished by using AppJS!!!

    AppJS at its core uses Chromium to implement and get all the HTML, CSS  and JavaScript working.

    AppJS allows you to develop HTML as your Graphical User Interface. You don’t need to have to be limited to custom widgets that are made for everyone and are not full featured you can create your own HTML User Interface. The HTML allows for the complete development of your User Interface with full HTML 5 functionality.

    AppJS allows for design and decoration of your application with CSS. If you have been developing in a web interface this will be so familiar to you. CSS allows for the power of HTML and CSS to develop your Application with all the CSS transformations, animations, shadowing and even the Twitter Bootstrap structure.

    AppJS finally, and the most exciting part is that AppJS uses Node.js as the backend. This will allow for flexibility, powerful API, event driven application that is superb for an I/O model. Node.js is starting to cause JavaScript to be used everywhere and with the new fork of Node.js the race is becoming exiting at best!!

    AppJS has a self-contained distributable application that can be downloaded and used on almost all operating systems on the AppJS site.

    Lets show how this is able to be used and get this working with Ubuntu.

    First lets create a Development directory in our home directory for this download.

    Let’s get to a terminal window by hitting the Dash Icon  image on the Ubuntu Launcher or as I love to say is hit the Windows Key: image  or the Apple Key:  image and begin typing the following:


    From the terminal window we can create a Development directory by typing the following:

    mkdir Development

    Now we are going to change to the new Development directory by typing the following:

    cd ~/Development

    Now lets make an appjs directory in the Development folder we created earlier by typing the following:

    mkdir appjs

    So the first thing to do is go to the webpage of the AppJS download area here:

    Next we will download the Linux 64 bit version or the version you will need for you Operating System you are using for this process shown below:


    Download the file to the appjs folder in the Development folder we created above.

    Now in the terminal window lets go to our directory structure we created by typing the following:

    cd ~/Development/appjs

    Now we need to unzip the file that was downloaded above this can be done by typing the following in to the terminal window: (This is based on the version downloaded from the website)

    gunzip < appjs-0.0.20-linux-x64.tar.gz | tar xvf -

    This should create an app directory and we need to go to this folder by typing the following:

    cd app

    Now you will have one file app.sh and one data directory shown below:


    Now all we have to do to run this is to run the app.sh shell file in that same terminal window by typing the following:


    After you press enter from the above command you will execute a “Hello World” application the will run on almost all operating systems as a Desktop Application shown below. The green arrow shows a node.js console logging process to keep you informed what is happening. The red arrow shows the GUI application with a Title of “Hello World!” and finally the Body and HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a local Desktop Application!!!


    Now lets investigate the application that we downloaded and check out the coding they have included.

    We will go to the data directory and investigate a few files by typing the following:

    cd ~/Development/appjs/app/data

    In the data folder is some really cool interesting stuff!!!

    The app.js file is the Node.js bootstrap file the will run the content for the application this file is very well structured. This JavaScript file is run from Node.js and sets environment content folder shown by green arrow and does code to develop the Hello World window shown by the red arrow shown below:



    Finally in the content directory you will see that there is simply HTML, CSS, pictures  and icons shown below:


    This is a great start to develop a Desktop Application that will allow you to use HTML, CSS & JavaScript!!!

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